As yet, there is little to see here. Did you expect more? Possibly you were right to do so. Yet it seems to me, humans expect so much out of life. Bees ask for so little: a variety of seasonal flowers, undisturbed nesting sites, a relatively poison-free life, a generally predictable climate.

"We spend so much time and effort trying to make life better for ourselves. The least we can do is make life possible for this bee."

I think of Clay Bolt's words from time to time (spoken in the midst of his search for the critically endangered rusty-patched bumble bee).

I'm aspiring to be less comfortable for a while. I hope even to prefer it over time. I think I might. I almost want never to live indoors again.

The so-called author (aka ever more feral human)
The so-called author (aka ever more feral human)